Travel Luggage

Travel Luggage

Almost every time I see my friend Mike Larson he starts off conversation with this line…
“Drew I have the greatest idea!”

Some of his ideas totally flop, while other ideas have been spectacular. His idea for travel luggage is brilliant.
So many people have luggage that has the handle and wheels on it. Well why not have it so you can ride the luggage? Much like a toddlers push powered vehicle.
Initially Mike had thought of making the luggage like a skateboard, this idea evolved into the seat on the luggage.
I suggested people could ride on their stomach and “swim” the luggage around. Then the thought came of one of those railroad push powered things, I don’t even know what they call them. You always see them in cartoons. That would be pretty cool.
Imagine someone riding on their luggage, pumping away at the handle in order to power themselves forward. Awesome!

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