Visualization of Phone Numbers Project

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Imagine seeing a shape that represents 10 numbers. This shape not only shows you 10 numbers at once but shows you the sequence the numbers are in. Also this shape is so easy to remember that you will be able to retain that memory and easily be able to dial that number anytime.

The phone number project is an idea of mine that will allow people to easily remember numbers by simply looking at a shape. The overall project is a study in memory, design and psychology. It’s a very complicated project that involves many many studies of different things. Memory is a big part of my studies for this project. I would really love to show someone a shape, and with no instruction on what the shape is supposed to be, the person should be able to cypher a phone number from it. I know it’s ambitious but, I do think that it’s doable.

This test below is one of the first tests I was working on. When I lost my computer not long ago, I also lost a number of notes and files related to this project… (ugh) So, you are looking at an in the works version. Try it out, it’s kind of an interesting study in memory.

Wasn’t that fun?
Now let me tell you about texturalization. Basically, instead of relating number to images, you relate numbers to textures.
The basic idea is to imagine a bowl made of 5 different textures. You imagine running your fingers down the side of the bowl… so let’s say you feel brick, steel, glass, plastic and clay, this might represent the numbers 1,2,3,4,5. You might shift the sequence of textures around depending on the number. Now, that covers 5 numbers, the fun part then is to imagine a food item in the dish. This item is a layered series of food textures. You then imagine putting your hand into this food dish, as you push through each layer of textures, you should be reminded of a number.

Texturalization, I believe is something that when applied is an easy way to remember long sequences of numbers. You might also want to try doing something similar with smells. It’s kind of wild.

One product I might make from this is my texturalization bracelet. basically a series of different textures that you can use as a tool to help you remember things. This is great and all but, it’s only a small part of creating this magical variant shape that I’m on the quest for.
If I figure this phone number shape out, I see loads of potential applications for completing such a study. I do realize that it’s highly unlikely to actually find this magic phone shape but, I believe in the process of hunting for this shape some other amazing results and ideas will emerge.
Below are some of my notes on this project.

If you would like to get involved in this project, please write me at and I can give you some more details of my thoughts on this.

Anyhow. I could easily talk about this for a long time but, I’m way tired and have things to do.
Phone Project Notes

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