Why fast food joints don’t sell t-shirts…

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I was at Safeway the other day and saw a little girl wearing a McDonalds t-shirt, it said “I’m Loving It!” on the shirt with a McDonalds logo. Now when I say little girl, I should say young girl because there was nothing little about her. THe realization struck me all of a sudden… Fast food t-shirts are very rare.

Consider McDonalds probably spends about a billion dollars* on marketing each year this site for more info.

Now I think t-shirts are great! They keep you cool, they make you look cool and you can promote your favorite band or business on them. They are a great way to advertise as well promote good customer appreciation. So you would think that McDonalds would spend maybe 1% of advertising dollars on tshirts to give away or something. Granted they do have some stuff for sale at some McDonalds clothing site. So as I was saying 1% of 1 Billion is roughly 10,000,000 so if McDonalds got shirts made localy at say Diesel Fuel Prints they could get 1000 4 color screen printed shirts made for about $3.50 a shirt. So for $10,000,000 McDonalds could make about 2,857,143 white t-shirts. That would be enough shirts for over half of Oregonians. Yay!

All I’m saying is that fast food joints don’t make enough t-shirts for people. I really wouldn’t wear a McDonalds t-shirt anyhow, but if it was free maybe someone would wear it.

*I made this number up

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