11 ’til 30

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Some of you know my birthday is coming up.
Remember? I just wrote about it last year .
I was born 07/17/1977 so 7 is a pretty lucky number for me.
This year I turn 30! Hooray for me.
I figure since this is a pretty big birthday, it’s a great opportunity to cash in a little on the fact that I was born. Since I’ve been in money mode to get Art Buy the Inch open I’ve been brainstorming a number of ideas about ways to generate some money and using my birthday as a tool for this.
One birthday event will most likely fall the weekend after my actual birthday, it’s going to be a wild event that involves a lot of people. I left my fun raising/fund raising team in charge of the details of the events for that weekend. If you would like to be involved, send me an email and I’ll make sure you are. I would love to help plan the thing but, in the big business world and the world of birthdays, you know about how important it is to let other people handle things. Delegation is a fantastic time saver.

To my friends, I ask you now to try to set some time aside Tuesday July 17th and probably the weekend after that too.

Tuesday, will probably involve a fun day of kid friendly activities with Lillian that any and all are welcome to attend. Then sometime in the afternoon, I hope to start gathering people for a wonderful wild and interesting party that may or may not involve a massive art project…

I do ask that you try to open your schedule up a little for my 30th.

I do have a giant wish list or material goods and items but when it boils down to it, I would just like to be around my friends and family and have a wonderful time.

I know it’s still some days away but, if I don’t start talking about it now, I probably won’t get the turn out I would expect.
I was going to make fliers although my copier is still broken…

I’ll get more details out as the date approaches.

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