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I was slightly disappointed to find out on Friday that the endless sketchbook did not make it to the finalists in the Instructables laser contest. Here are 15 reasons why we didn’t make it to the finalists. As you can see there are a number of awesome entries into the contest. I really like the EMP Shopping cart locker I think it’s hilarious and I would be pleased if it won.


It’s tough to decide what instructable in the contest should come out tops even narrowed down to 15 finalists, it’s very difficult to decide. When I think about the winner, I hope the laser cutter goes to a good home and is put to good use.

From a marketing standpoint, I got a massive amount of traffic from posting on the instructables site. This is inspiring for me to get more instructables posted. If you read my endless sketchbook post, you will notice that I hint at another project I’m working on, “The Bike Powered Record Player”.
Bike powered record player
I’ve still got some work to do on it before it’s done but, the idea is that when back peddling you can use that energy to spin the record, a needle and cone will amplify the sounds and yes, it’s going to skip a ton. I’ve been drawing up a variety of designs and I’ll post them when the idea is a little more developed.

I would also like to go about building my chair pants. I don’t think it’ll be too difficult to make a working prototype.

I like to post pretty regularly on MoHDI although with Buy My Sketchbook, Art Buy the Inch, work and many many other things going on it’s difficult to get stuff up all the time. I don’t feel like I’m spread too thin as I’m always working on MoHDI projects. For some reason there are more ideas than time to write about them.

I was really pleased tonight when I was sitting at Beulahland drinking coffee and I hear some girl say “Is that the mohdi guy?” I perked up and met Olivia who told me she subscribes to my feed. It’s nice to know there are some fans out there. I told Olivia the same thing I told myself a while ago, I’m going to make an effort to get more regular posts on this site. I also mentioned too her how much people that blog love getting comments (at least I do).

Thank you for reading and Olivia too.

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