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Well, it’s my birthday.

If you would like to join me later tonight at Beulahland that would be fantastic. I’m planning on sitting, drinking coffee and drawing, so bring something to draw on if you care to join.

The big super awesome fun raiser for Art Buy the Inch will be next Sunday. I would love it if you joined me Noon on Sunday at Pioneer Square. I’ll be posting more info on this soon.

Today, I’m probably going to sleep in a little then work most of the day. I’ll probably sneak away from work for a little bit and do something for me.

I was born on 07/17/1977 now it’s 07/17/2007 cool.

I’ve got a lot to say about being 30. I’m tired and should go catch some z’s. I just wanted to throw out the open invite so people can have a little warning about casual plans to hang out and draw (or drink).

I’ll probably be posting more about today later today.

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