I certainly do love Portland. Wednesday I just had to venture downtown to see Laura Gibson play for free in the Music on Main concert series. Despite not venturing downtown too often, I really have been enjoying my recent trips. There is so much going on in Portland it’s not even funny. Right now if you go downtown you will notice about 30 large monolithic boxes for RedBulls up and coming illume exhibit. Downtown is great for people watching too. Even though I prefer SE Portland, I really appreciate visiting all of the quadrants of the city. I know first Thursday is going to be insane.renews
Located just outside Higgins Restaurant is a brilliant showcase of a hundred dollar idea.
The Re-News is a paper box that sells old papers. That’s about it. For $.50 ($1.00 on Sundays) I purchased a paper from May 28th, 1980. Awesome.
I think that the most useful piece of information in the old paper is in the classifieds. Since I’ve still been hunting for a new place to live, it should come as not shock to find out that in the places I’m looking at now probably rented for about 1/4 the cost in 1980, I guess that was like 27 years ago though.

Re-News is freaking brilliant and yet another reason why I love Portland so much.

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