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Hollywood Video has a wonderful new self service kiosk that will give you video recommendations based on your phone number. Surprisingly if you happen to type a phone number of some random acquaintance it will also give you a list of recommendations.

Hollywood Kiosk

I love how the words “HELP” and “GREAT” are in all caps.

In todays day and age people really shouldn’t worry about invasions of privacy. If they worried about that kind of stuff they probably wouldn’t have signed up with a video account in the first place. We as consumers give up our privacy for such wonderful luxury’s as video rentals. It’s nice to know that my information is not only in the hands of Hollywood Video but is also available to anyone who happens to know my phone number.

Hollywood Video Kiosk
If you are interested learning more about someone you can simply Google them or look for them on Myspace. Now you can also decipher their tastes in movies too.
Hollywood Video Kiosk

Oh Hollywood Video Kiosk, you sure know how to pick them!

The new kiosk will also allow you to print out your recommendations.

Hollywood Stalker

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