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In the process of coming up with hundred dollar ideas, I’ve actually come across some good ideas too. Art Buy the Inch is one of those fantastic ideas. If you talk with me regularly you have probably heard me talk about my idea to sell 1″x1″ works of art. Well, I just signed the lease on my gallery space, and Art Buy the Inch will be open soon.
The concept is pretty simple, sell small original works of art. We have a variety of artists lined up to show in the gallery and since we are going to operate on the “cash and carry” method, we hope to be cycling new art and artists on a daily basis. If you are an artists and would like to participate, I will be steadily looking for talent from this moment forward. The artists involved get paid and will get exposure through the gallery and site. The nice thing about 1 inch work is that generally, they take much less time to make than larger pieces. I’m nervous as can be about if people will actually want to buy this small of works or not though. All my research says yes, people will buy. I won’t really know though until doors open for the first time.
I’m also nervous about actually opening sometime in late July. I’ve had the idea for some time now and it’s been developed quite a bit, however there is a load of work to do on the actual space as well with framing and art/artist management.

Initially, the gallery will be selling original 1″x1″ works, in the not so distant future in addition to having the gallery, I have a web based model of Art Buy the Inch where anyone can participate in. I’ve been developing that for some time now. After the gallery opens and is running for a little bit, I plan on implementing the web model.

As you can see from the photo, there is a lot of work left to do on the space probably more work than I have money for, that is why I’m going into a super seed money mode. This means that I’ll be begging, borrowing or selling what ever I can to cover some of the financial expenses to get this place open. It’s got to happen very quick too and luckily I’ve got a lot of ideas to actually make this a reality. Since the funding is going to be very grassroots/guerrilla style, it’s going to be very interesting to watch the progress on this.
I have a lot of ideas to quickly gather the finances I need for this space although, I do ask for your ideas on how you might go about quickly raising a small bit of capital quickly. I’m sure I’ll be putting many ideas into action in order to reach my goal.

I’m very excited about this idea and I’ve seen some spectacular 1″ art I’ve seen from different artists involved so far.

I’m doing what I love and I’m so glad to be sharing this with you.

You will be hearing a lot more about this soon.
Please visit to learn some more about this idea.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to be involved in this idea either on the art side of things or the financial/business side of things.

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