Awesome Birthday Card!

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My Mom sent me this Birthday Cardbirthday card. It is a pretty good summary of my thoughts. I love the robot with the wavy arms, it looks like he just saw a naked girl run by. I believe my Mom is the red head in the middle of my head just below the TV set, the drawing indicates that the cartoon version of my mom is asking “What ARE you thinking?” and “When are you going to visit?” The likeness of my cartoon character is outstanding… the mustache is drawn right where the mustache on my face is! For some reason my Mom wrote my atm card password above my shoulder.
I’ll let you all interpret the rest of birthday card on your own.
The money included with the card was not shown but will be mentioned… I won’t mention the amount but I will say that ramen and pretzels won’t be on the menu at my house for the next couple of days!

Thank you Mom, that is an Awesome Birthday Card! My thanks and love goes to the Winston house household too.

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