Bacon is Hot!

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gummy bacon

Bacon products are on fire right now. The bacon fever seems to be growing on a daily basis. Here at MoHDI, we’ve been thinking about cashing in on this market.
Here are a few ideas we have that are wrapped around bacon.

  • Bacon charts and graphing tools
  • Long bacon scarf
  • Chocolate dipped bacon treats
  • Bacon jewelry
  • Bacon headbands
  • Bacon themed parking spot stripes
  • Bacon….

There are a ton more where that came from. Some of these bacon ideas are too fantastic to share right now.
I’m just saying if you want to make an extra hundred dollars or so, you should come up with some product or service, perhaps use an existing one and then work some bacon into the thing your selling.
You could really make hundreds of extra dollars this way!
Keep your eye on the bacon brands of 2007, you are going to see a lot of them.

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