Body Worlds 4 the Poor

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Right now in Portland the Body Worlds exhibit is up at OMSI. I can’t wait to see it however, I’m not exactly Mr. Moneybags and paying $21 is going to stink.
I do think it will be worth it though, it’s a lot less than the Moscow Cats Theatre that had a “Spec-cat-ular” price for tickets starting at $51. I was so excited to see those cats until I heard about how much it was going to cost. Wendy had a great idea of gathering all of our friends cats together and putting them in one place so we could watch them. I’m still waiting for that to happen. I guess she has better things to do than to wrangle a bunch of cats together, although I do think it’s a fancatstic idea.
Borrowing Wendy’s idea I thought it would be nice to do a version of Body Worlds for the poor, I call it Body Worlds 4 the Poor. Here’s how this will work.

Body Worlds 4 the Poor, in 5 easy steps.
Step 1: Find a bunch of people who are willing to stand around naked in a variety of poses.
Step 2: Find a place that will allow me to have a bunch of people standing around naked.
Step 3: Book a day and time for the exhibit.
Step 4: Promote the exhibit.
Step 5: Win the praise of the community by providing such a wonderful option to the costly Body Worlds 3 exhibit.

Some more details about this idea
My thinking is that people could pay on a sliding scale to enter the exhibit the scale would be based on how much they could afford ( we should probably start the scale at $2). Since I’m pretty sure the Bodies in the exhibit would like to be paid, each of them will get a cup that they will place in front of them. People will be encouraged to tip the bodies. I would imagine that I could find Bodies for my exhibit off of Craigslist, word of mouth, fliers or through this posting. I have several places in mind that would be pretty easy to book for this exhibit so, I’m not too worried about that. Picking a date and time should be easy enough. Promoting this exhibit should also be a breeze, word will spread pretty fast if people hear there is a cheaper alternative to the Body Worlds exhibit. I would imagine the exhibit will be open for something like 5 hours or so one day so we can cycle a number of people though to see the bodies.

Now, all I have to do is find some people who would be willing to donate their naked bodies to art. If you happen to know or be willing to articipate please contact me. Same goes for a suitable Portland venue. My contact info is in the sidebar of this blog.

I’m also going to be looking for some people who would be interested in helping out making this idea happen.
I would imagine that the proceeds from the exhibit would be part of the Funding Ideas Campaign, so most likely Art Buy the Inch would get some more operating dollars.

When the date for the exhibit is set, I will write an update on MoHDI.

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