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Today I bought a new sketchbook. I’m using it to implement an idea of mine. The idea is to sell a filled sketchbook to the highest bidder.

Buy my Sketchbook

I have been thinking about some ways to gather money to fund some more ideas of mine. Ultimately to fund the build out of the Art Buy the Inch gallery.
Selling art can be difficult and I know that most of my friends cannot afford to spend a large amount of money on one piece. However, I do hope to reach the right people and get some exposure on this project. When the book is done, I’m hoping that the winning bid will be for a reasonable amount.

Here’s how I’m thinking this will work.
1. As pages in the book are complete, I’ll scan them in and post them.
2. People will then be able to place a bid or offer for the entire sketchbook.
3. When the book is complete, I’ll let people to continue to place offers for the entire sketchbook for a week or so.
4. The best offer will get the book.

It seems simple enough.

I’ll be hosting this project on so I can keep everything in one place. I would also like to open up this idea to any artists that might be interested in selling their sketchbooks online. I think it will be interesting to see the progress of the sketchbook in comparison to the offers.

The sketchbook I purchased today was a Moleskine 80 page 3.5″x5.5″ top quality acid-free paper sketchbook.

I prefer the larger sketchbooks although, since I’m not sure if spending hundreds of hours in a sketchbook that might sell for a few hundred dollars will be worth it.

I’m guessing that each page will average about 2 hours. That means by the time the book is complete there will be about 160 hours into it, maybe more maybe less. I’m really not sure.
If the sketchbook sells for $800 that’s like getting $5/hour. I guess it’s more about the process than anything. It’s also an experiment.

If you are an artist and want to participate. Please contact me and I’ll set you up with an account at

Keep in mind the best offer might not be money, perhaps it a fabulous new home in SE Portland or a airplane ticket maybe a nice computer or electronic device. I suppose the offer could be just about anything. At the end, the best offer will take get the sketchbook.

Feel free to start the bidding!

To make this fun, I’ll have a little sub contest : Take a guess at what the final price of the sketchbook will go for and the person closest will get an awesome prize!

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