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This year I’m really trying to grow MoHDI as a site and a creative space.

Recently I’ve felt the need to get some advertising to let people know about our awesome videos and to remind people to check out the fresh action over at MoHDI.
Here are a few of the ads we came up with to get some new visitors to the site.
I feel they are simple yet powerful and expect them to be very effective.

Click and Flick : The concept is that with one simple click, you can be checking out some great flicks.

Free Flicks : With this ad, we want to remind people that they can check out great videos for free.

Fresh Click : We also need to remind people that MoHDI has fresh content in addition to video. This is a more general ad for the site.

We also offer our advertising consulting services for a very reasonable rate. If you need to get the word out about a product or service, the professional like services of MoHDI are sure to please. Contact information is on the sidebar of this website.

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