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MoHDI Tattoo

I thought Jimmy the owner of Beullahland was going to explode on me last night when he saw I was stamping all his matchbooks with the MoHDI stamp. I was very fortunate that Jimmy was as tolorant as he was and didn’t throw me out on my ear. I do love that bar and don’t know of any other place in town I can smoke cigarettes, drink Stumptown coffee and sketch out ideas that late at night. I held off on telling Jimmy Carol’s idea of replacing his pint glasses with sippy cups at the bar. Apperently business owners might not like the idea of another business hijacking their matchbooks for advertising. I think I’ll check with Jimmy before I start stamping the toilet paper.
Khris and I met tonight for our weekly MoHDI business meeting. MoHDI sure can require a lot of work. I do hope that after Khris gets back from Australia for his Mostlandia project we will be able to dedicate full time to MoHDI stuff. There are so many fantastic projects going on, we are really looking forward to being able to spend more time working on them. One of the basic ideas behind MoHDI is that “Things get done when the get done.” And we have been working hard behind the scenes to deliver some amazing products, services and ideas, it just takes some time.
Mary challenged us a while ago to some sort of idea competiotion and Paul has a very slow game of tennis going with us and we have not had time to illustrate several of Carols wonderful underwear ideas. Everyday we keep getting more fantastic ideas that we can not share with you fast enough. The forums are growing slowly and we even have some people on our newsletter.
The ideas come easy blogging about them seems to be the hard part.
In the very near future.

  • We will be playing some sort of exquisite corpse idea game with Mary and perhaps Paul if he cares to join us.
  • We will be returning a serve to Paul’s Hover Keg serve
  • We will be finishing up the shopping cart and actually have our products and services ready to start making us hundreds of dollars
  • We will be planning a super MoHDI, Mary and Inventor party. Khris will be in Oz. Save the date Oct 21st is going to be a big day for inventors in Portland… It so happens a tv show “Everyday Edisons” is planning to do casting the same day we decided to throw our party.
  • We hope to be working with Jeff and Laura on a fun little venture soon.
  • Getting more ideas from the sketch book to the site
  • Sitting around thinking up ideas while streams of income pour in.

For some reason we are still Hundredaires and MoHDI doesn’t pay any of the bills yet. I guess it takes more than a couple months to make it in this business.
Our best is yet to come!

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