Cricket is coming to town

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As a hundredaire with bad credit a lot of phone companies don’t like to give people like me a nice contract. Verizon wanted a $700 deposit from me to start up a plan. Cingular wanted $1400. So I tried both the verizon and cingular pay as you go phone (tax the poor phones) basically my cingular one cost me $1/day + .10 / minute… ugh.. this endend up costing me a crap load every month. Verizon, who I have now charges about the same but, weekends and nights (after 9pm) are free… both offer free calls to people who have the same provider as the phone I’m using. I’m rather excited about Cricket coming to Portland. I now probably spend about $75/ month for my phone and on December 12 I plan on being one of the first in line to test the Cricket Portland phone. I guess I’ll have to buy a new phone but, it sounds like I might be able to get one with internet and all that stuff on it… Perhaps MoHDI mobile version won’t be so far off.
I do wonder about peoples experience with these guys as a phone provider though… I’m sure there are some bad things about this deal. I guess I’ll have to wait and find out. It’s worth shelling out a little bit to find out I suppose.

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