Date Monstor

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Date Monstor

Date Monstor is an idea that I’ve been working on for some time. Now the difference between working on an idea and doing an idea are two totally different things. I’m very good at starting projects and date monstor is an example of that.

The basic concept of Date Monstor is that we create an online game / dating service. Instead of people being represented by photos the people will be represented by Monstor avatars. Each avatar will be dynamically generated based on surveys that the user fills out. So take me for instance, I’m a tall skinny hundredaire who has a child and enjoys coffee, my avatar would be sort of a monstor version of myself. I would imagine after a while people could easily find the person they are looking for very easily by browsing through all the monstors.
Since this is internet dating, the same rules to dating don’t apply in the Monstor Dating world. Dates between two monstors will be represented by an animation and rated based on a series of questions each person is asked. After several dates if two of the dating monstors are rated well together then, the two will be able to exchange personal information if they would like. The dating process much like real life is a great way to filter people.
When someone signs up with they will be given a certain amount of Monstor cash that they can use to spend on their dates with other monstors. So if you find some monstor who you are very interested in, you can ask them on a date and spend some of these monstor dollars to impress your date. You could take your date to a fancy restraunt, buy them flowers, buy them some rotting fish, get them a limo or whatever monstors are into now-a-days.
The idea is that if this project ever gets very popular, then eventually people will have to spend a small amount of money to buy more monstor dollars.

This idea is an evolution of the monstor ConAd that I built a while ago.

That’s the idea. When it actually happens, I’m not super sure. In the mean time, I’m making a blog where people can easily sign up and share date stories and dating advice and stuff, perhaps as more interest is found in this site, more energy will go into it. Right now Date Monstor falls under the MoHDI business model, that means, it will happen when it happens.

For more info about Date Monstor please visit the site .

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