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I just love and one of these days I plan on getting a pro account. This would allow me to upload and organize more of my work.

I have this idea for flickr where each month they give out pro accounts to people who can’t quite financially make that commitment at this time, ideally to people to contribute to the wonderfulness of the website.
People who receive the grants or scholarships or what ever you might call them would then make a promise to give someone they think is deserving of a pro account a pro account when they can afford one.
This would be some sort of ongoing chain reaction type thing where users of flickr could really benefit from this type of reaching out.

My suggestion an request to flickr is to simply start some sort of group of people to apply for the upgrade for a pro account, this could be as simple as a group with a forum or a simple form.
Then flickr could decide who would be most suited for the free upgrade and give these out.

I promise you that if flickr does not offer something like this soon and if I’m ever capable to give out a handful of free pro accounts every month I will gladly do so. I think it would be a great service.

If you happen to be someone from flickr who is reading this, I will gladly work with you to set up some sort of program like this.

I think this type of promotional and philanthropic service would also be applicable to many other types of businesses too. Automobiles, health and medicine, education and many many more areas of business and society should all have programs where they give products and services away. I suppose it’s a lot like the “pay it forward” thinking. I think it should be put into practice more and flickr would be a great place to start.

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