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It’s been a while since I have posted and there is a lot going on. After a 2 week trip to Manhattan, I’ve been a busy person. Since my return to Portland, I’ve moved back into my old hood in SE Portland. I’m much more centrally located and within walking distance to everything I oh so love about Portland.
There is a lot of stuff to write about. With the new move, I do not have internet set up in my new place yet, this causes some problems but, it’s only a temporary issue and hopefully will be resolved sometime soon.
Crazy Flipper Fingers recently celebrated 3 years of being the Worlds most organized and notable pinball gang. Floyd made us a spectacular cake with our logo on it. I saw him about 2:30 in the morning a day before the celebration was to take place. He mentioned he was going to make a cake for us. I guess John Wray saw him later about 6 AM applying frosting to this massive cake that ended up feeding not just the CFF members but also the patrons of the Clinton St. Pub, Angelos and the Bog. Clinton St. has as many pinball machines in one place as I saw in all of Manhattan during my visit.

Ron Toms is now officially open! After a long wait this place is finally open. I have a feeling that this place is going to be a hub of the Portland creative forces. The 60s lounge setting is very comfortable. It’s the perfect addition to “the lower taint”* of Portland. The bar is located on the South corner of 6th and E Burnside. They open at 4pm and I highly recommend checking the place out. Ron Toms is going to be home of the “Idea Bomb” when that gets officially organized.

*While some people want to call lower Burnside by the lame name of “LOBO” short for Lower Burnside. Tanya who runs the B-Side came up with the term “Lower Taint” in reference to lower Burnside. Burnside is located between Couch and Ash St. hence the term is applicable and much more fun to say than “LOBO”. The B-Side an awesome bar that has 2 pinball machines and unlike Ron Toms, you can actually smoke in there. Ron did say that he was planning on getting some pinball at some point. Read up about the B-Side history at Khris Soden’s site.

Khris Soden is in Australia right now with the MOST. We do wish him the best and can’t wait to hear all about his adventures in OZ.

Dave Selden and team have been up to some mini golf madness. His labyrinth hole is most impressive. You will be able to play it on Tuesday at Holocene.
Holocene also housed this months dMOB. I was impressed to meet Shannon and Charlie the organizers of Conduit Communications, a group of people who meet about developing ideas and making things happen. It was great to see so many people show up for dMOB, lots of new people this month and as always lots of talented people. I do thank Rebecca Dittmar for accompanying me this month. I welcome her to Portland and do hope that she finds a job soon.

Rumor has it Randy and Meredith will be hosting some sort of massive Halloween Party very soon, I guess this year the party is going to stay in Portland as opposed to the norm of going off to the coast.

The Portland Artist Network will be hosting an event called MERGE on November 2nd at the Fez. You will be hearing more about this massive event as the date approaches, I can say there are a lot of Portland artists involved and it’s going to be an event not to miss.

GJ has also been up to some notable things. Check out this recent video he has posted.

There are a ton of ideas a brewing with MoHDI right now, when the internet is finally installed it’s going to be a lot easier to regularly post.

Don’t forget we have some amazing products in our shop. We could always use some more sales.

That’s it for now. Some new photos will be up soon.

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