Food Safety the Bachelor Spoon.

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People often just accept the way things are and don’t set about improving general conditions. For years, every time I would cook up a nice soup or a tasty meal of ramen noodles, I would consistently run into the problem of dropping my utensil into the pot of hot food.

More and more, I’m hearing people raise concerns over food safety issues.
Dropping your utensil into a pot of hot liquidy nutrition, you puts yourself and others at risk. Reaching in to retrieve your utensil with your bare hands could result in severe burns to your fingers. Sure, you could try the delicate juggling act of tipping your bowl around and risk spilling your meal all over yourself and those who happen to be standing underneath you or you could try scooping it out with another utensil. Basically, you put yourself in a precarious situation where you could either be injured or cause a big ol’ mess or you might even get injured and cause a mess too.

After about the third time of nearly burning my hands off and nearly spilling soup all over my computer, I was fed up… Then, the solution hit me! By simply extending the length of my spoon, it would be nearly impossible for me to submerge the utensil in that pot that I own.

I then quickly slapped together a prototype and took some photos! No longer should we have to live in fear and we as a community can work to make our food safe once again.


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