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When you are a small company without loads of money, it’s important to get creative when it comes to marketing. Our latest test is a combination of a new site preview and a guerrilla marketing campaign. Using some poorly made sidewalk chalk we simply wrote the name of our new site in a few locations around Portland. If the results are good from this little test, you will be sure to see some more eloquent displays of our chalk ads around town.
Ideally our results will tell us about how many visitors, came to the site from seeing the ad then how many visitors are interested enough to sign up, and if the visitors ended up here at mohdi or not.

If you happend to find this site from one of the chalk ads or for that matter, please comment on this post.

As the numbers look now, I’m not seeing a massive response from the footwalkers in PDX.
I do think these ads can be effective if executed properly. I really look forward to finding out the results from a little chalk work. Hopefully our ads didn’t piss too many people off.

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