GJ’s Dry Erase Gourd.

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Once again GJ has really impressed me with yet another idea. The “Dry Erase Gourd” or “White Board Gourd”, is really brilliant. As GJ puts it “It’s both a centerpiece and communication aid.”
In big business it’s important to get ideas across and to be able to communicate. The gourd provides is an excellent way to brainstorm and develop big business ideas. One of the biggest problems with white boards are that they tend to be flat. People love sharing ideas on a big board, I would imagine they might love it more on a gourd. The natural shape of the gourd allows for the maximum creative flow and communication of ideas. Even the dry erase markers could be made into gourds for a matching aesthetic. Imagine being able to present your idea by simply rotating a gourd around, each section of the gourd could point out specific parts of what you are trying to communicate. Another advantage of the gourd is that you are not forced to see everything written or drawn on the gourd at one time, you can proccess the info way easier this way. I really like this idea and hope to have a prototype built soon.
I think GJ had more of a holiday table gourd communication thing in mind for this idea, I think there are many applications for a product like this and it could easily be marketed to everyone.

Thanks again GJ… My Mom loves your videos by the way!

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