Happy Toast

After a recent visit to my Parents house, my Mom had discovered my old idea/invention book that I had when I was about 13. It’s a funny book that has 98 different inventions or Ideas in it. Each of the 98 ideas took up one page in the book. Most of the ideas or inventions are too silly or embarasing to publish on MoHDI, some of them are still really good ideas. This is one of those good ideas.


Page number 2 in the book is my Happy Toast invention. Basically its a toaster with removable element that would be shaped into different designs and then that image would burn into the toast. Since my invention, toaster technical advancements have been very spectacular. This toaster almost does everything that I wanted my toaster to do. If you do a search on google, you will find many more fany toasters out there.

Art toaster

Out of the 98 inventions in my book, I think the Happy Toast idea ranks close to the top. I can’t help but imagine toasters ten years from now. If you are ever running short on ideas, I think brainstorming about toaster improvements is a great way to get the ol’ synapsis firing.

Here at MoHDI we’ve had some butter ideas. Remember The Butter Pusher and the Butter Cover Cutter. In an ideal world we would all have these wonderful devices in our homes.

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