Hard Drive Dive

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Well my main computers boot drive took a wonderful dive today. Since the computer is my main tool for trying to make money this gives me an opportunity to observe and create ways to make money “offline”.
Most of my data seems to be backed up but I’m afraid I lost days worth of work. I guess the second time doing something always moves a little faster. The biggest loss was my local testing databases. I don’t think those will be saved. Also reinstalling a bunch of software is going to be kind of a pain.
I hope to have a friend help me fix my computer in the next couple days.
I’m sure this incident will result in some sort of hundred dollar idea. It does give me some more time to work on paper.
If your hard drive is making “GGGGGRRGGGRRGRRK” noises, you might consider having a back up plan if your computer should die. My computer has always sounded like a jet taking off, at least that constant roaring noise is gone.

When my computer is back up. I’ve got some big ideas I’ve been working on.. maybe even suitable for my newly acquired other site
If my computer was working, I figure I have about a week of work to do before the launch of one of my greatest ideas yet…

Did I mention I had a dream about Chinese food vending machines the other day? Strange. You could order full meals from these things and watch it be cooked for you too, awesome. I love dreams like that. I love doing work in my sleep.

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