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Help Us Promote Us or Help’s Promote’s

If you like our stuff feel free to grab an image an place it on your site. Help’s Promote’s will also be providing fun content that you can use to ad* to your site. If you use our content we ask that the content is clickable back to our site. Some of these graphics are CoNads, some are not.

Please find the content you would like, copy the code below it and paste the html intoyour site or page.

*Adding our content to your site is in fact an ad for our site.


[kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”134″ height=”154″ /]

Static MoHDI Support Graphics
I lightbulb

I lightbulb dark

Small Securi-Pee

Small Support

Small MoHDI

Small MoHDI

Millions of Hundred Dollar Ideas

Robot Love

Robot Love alt arms

For this one pick the proper robot image you want then make sure it has the right name in the img url. The first robot is called robot_002 the last is called robot_008, fill in the blanks.

Gif Support
MoHDI our name is our business model

[kml_flashembed movie=” 8,20,35,6,8,14,1,3,&comment=If Content and Advertising spent a romantic evening together, under a moon lit sky on a bed of flowers in an ocean of sea creatures singing soft rock from 1983 a wonderous CoNad might be made”WIDTH=”285″ HEIGHT=”180″/]
To use the Monstor Maker tool please click here.

I like robots.. you could fill a page with these dancing machines….

If you think that’s impressive check out this page. I’ve got to make more of these fancy robots.

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