HP, making fat people look thin.

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Dunn Being Fat

Patricia Dunn, HP’s formal chairwoman will be resigning sometime next year due to some of her major leakage problems. Dunn’s leakage was a major problem for HP and was illegal on many levels. Apparently she was leaking all over the place.
Despite an offence that would get most people fired, Dunn is going to stick it out until next year and then resign. In the mean time CEO Mark Hurd is going to replace Dunn’s roll as chairwoman. This will enable him to be the watchdog of his own operations allowing for a great premise for a situation comedy.
Despite this major fiasco with HP they still remain on the cutting edge of technology notable of this site. My faith in the company was restored after Dave sent me this link to some of HP’s technological wizardry that makes fat people look thin.

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