illions of ees disappear.

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I’ve had my eye on this story for some time.
This is sort of a major problem for the World.

Billions of bees disappear in a syndrome known as “colony collapse disorder”. Yikes, if this syndrome hit people, we would no longer exist.

There are many theory’s on the disappearances. Some say cell phone or hdtv waves, some say terrorist plots, some say genetic modification is to blame. I think it’s either something to do with waves but a more likely theory is money.

Now keep in mind that I am no scientist and despite watching Scooby Doo, I’m no investigative reporter either. I’m just an idea person, a sharp thinking abstractologist who hopefully can provide some insights to the bees disappearance.

I would first off like to start with my page of notes on the subject. Keep in mind, I didn’t spell check or research any of this before drawing up my initial notes. They are used mainly for me to get the gears turning upstairs.

Save the Bees Click to see large rotated version of notes.

I think I bring up some excellent solutions to this problem. I hope that someone from the scientific community might borrow some of my ideas and come up with some sort of solution to this problem. I also learn that the word bees does not need and apostrophe.

Back to my money theory…

My first thought is to turn to google patents and see who has patents on things that are bee related. Many things turn up, many many many things. There is almost too much to take in. So, I give up looking and try a new approach.
Since it’s probably one of the worst companies in the World who are in some way related or involved, the name Monsanto comes to mind. Since they basically have to monopoly on many crops grown throughout the World, I would think they are somehow to blame for the colony collapse disorder. They in some way probably are. So… I look at the 2004 hit website for a while to try to narrow down the suspects in this mystery, this only adds to my suspect list.

Like many investigative scientific reporters, I’ve found out that it will be a lot of work to find the cause and solution to the mystery of the disappearing bees. I think I’ll take a break for now. People make up their own minds. When honey gets as expensive as printer ink, you might wonder why you didn’t pay more attention to this article and stock up on honey now.

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This article is crazy, it says that not even scavengers will approach the abandoned hive. Other bugs won’t go near it. Wild.

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