Jerk Notes.

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Jerk Notes
Wednesday morning I woke out of a lucid dream with this idea. Jerk Notes, is basically an online application that allows people to collaborate on ideas. While this might be difficult to explain with words I do promise at some point to make a better sketch of how this will actually work. Let me attempt to explain using words.

Basically this is like an online endless sketchbook. Notes are taken as a virtual loop constantly moves towards you. So as you take notes the z depth of what you are working on is decreasing slowly with time. Since you can control the size of this virtual loop and add segments of notes to the loop at anytime, you will be able to continue working on your ideas. Keeping the loop a smaller size has it’s advantages as you will be able to see what you worked on earlier in the idea and be able to add to it. You can of course control where you are on the loop. The nice thing about Jerk Notes is that you can easily be reminded of all aspects of an idea in a linear looping kind of way.

Perhaps someday I’ll actually make the app when I find some time. It might be a nice AIR application. I’ll probably run some test models and see if it’s going to worth spending the energy. In the dream it was cool cause multiple people worked on it at the same time! Amazing.

The name Jerk Notes came up because of the way the notes would move, also I think subconsciously I thought it was a funny and suitable name.

Dreams are funny like that.

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