Lenticular Stairs

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Image out of sketchbook #1 from Buy My Sketchbook

While I was busy looking a stairs the other day, I was thinking about how it might be possible to display two images on them.
Much like those fancy baseball cards, cracker jack prizes and limited edition cereal boxes, I would imagine the stairs might work pretty well on a much larger scale.


I’m certain I’ll have to test this theory out soon. I think that chalk might work well before I go about creating some big stencils. Once the images are painted on the stairs, you should be able to go up and down and notice a variation in the image.

If my tests work out, I’ll be posting a new instructable up about how to make your own. Or if someone out there has an urge to try this out, please let me know, I would love to see it in action, or at least a detailed first hand experience would be nice.

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