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Some of you may not know this but I used to sport a healthy mustache. Upon my recent visit back to Portland I was pleased to see BT Livermore, while my contraceptive of a mustache is now long gone, I’m glad to see that he was still sporting his most excellent stache.
One of BT’s latest ideas was the “Mans Face Stuff” product line that he worked on with his friend Evan Dumas. He gave me a sample of this wonderful product, perhaps to entice me to grow my mustache back. The “gin & tonic” sent makes my mouth water and I’m highly considering growing that beast of a mustache back just to use this product.
I think that anyone who happens to be sporting a stache should be using this stuff, this Mans Face Stuff, at least give it a try.

I’m not sure what stores carry their waxes. Currently you can get Mans Face Stuff products online at thier etsy shop

I look forward to seeing their next product for mens faces. Perhaps a soothing shaving cream? A facial mask? Maybe a gentle moisturizer? Who knows….

Maybe I should grow my mustache back…

Yeah that’s me.

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