Modern Marvels Invention Contest

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This may be coming in a bit late, but I figured this would make a good post:

I noticed this on today and thought people would be interested. Here is the quote on thier site:

 “Have you been crafting the next great Modern Marvel of the 21st century? Do you have a BIG IDEA that could change the world or have a significant impact on our daily lives? You could win a $25,000 grant and a national showcase for your invention.”

This sounds like a great contest, though I’m not positive it exactly fits in with everything MoHDI. If I’m not wrong, you just need a concept, not an actual product. This would be a great way for any inventor to get a great idea out of the concept stage. The last winner was a 54 year old man who created a “strawjet,” a piece of farm equipment that made a “mat, similar to a large bamboo window blind” out of straw to be used as a composite building material. The finalist’s ideas are extremely varied, and I think just about anyone has a chance in this contest.

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