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Hello good readers. Sorry things have been a little crazy lately. I’ve been working on getting a roof over my head, learning some new skills and focusing my talents on some wild new paths.

I normally can see what’s going to happen in the near and far future but for some reason my foresight is slightly out of focus today. Despite the cognitive abilities giving me a somewhat clear idea as to where I’ll be in a few years, the path to get there changes constantly. Wednesday the path took another new direction. Without giving too much detail I learned some valuable lessons that make me cringe just thinking about them.

I want to gripe but I realize that isn’t going to make things better so, I maintain a positive point of view on things.

On a scale of 1-10, Wednesday was a “4”, I’ve made my mind up that the morning will be a “9” day. A “4” day isn’t so bad when most your days are a maple bars and doughnuts.

I hope to see you at first Thursdays. I’m currently on the quest for the right artist, I have yet to find them perhaps there will be some artists at first Thursday?

Off to find the metal sphere…

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