Mr.Tree Face and Mr.Bush Face

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Big Mr. Tree Face

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Mr.Tree Face and Mr.Bush Face are products for people who want to decorate trees and bushes in their community. It is the ultimate in nature enhancment products. Both Mr.Tree Face and Mr. Bush Face products will come in a wide variety of face parts, accessories and sizes. The female version of the product will have pink bows, big eyelashed eyes, ear rings and other girly stuff, this version will be called “Mr.Tree and Mr.Bush Face for Girls”. We will even make animal face parts for animal lovers. Of course all of the separate parts will be interchangable. Each face part can be attached to trees and bushes in a variety of ways depending on the piece of nature you plan on enhancing.

Mr.Bush Face

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The product helps humanize plants and nature in a way we can all relate to. Horticulturists from all over the World will love this product. Perhaps we will try to get kits sold through the National Arbor Day Foundation or other such tree friendly groups.
This is a must have product for people who love trees and bushes.

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