Oregon Inventors Showcase!

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This Saturday you know where you can find me. I’m not sure what to expect from this event but, I do think it’s going to be pretty cool, I’m going to drag Lillian along, she might learn something about building her robot that kicks cats.

The first Oregon Inventors Showcase of Independent Inventors is being held at Portland State University on April 21st 2007.

  • The public can come see new and cool inventions
  • Listen to inventors that have been successful
  • Experiment with tools of inventors
  • ( like what? a brain, paper, pencil, collander)

  • Learn more about the invention process and take some classes for FREE!

For more information please contact MIPO at 503-998-9560 or email us at

Thousands of dollars in services will be raffled at the Inventor’s Show. (Awesome!)

Lillian and cat.

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