Pinball Gang invades Seattle

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Crazy Flipper Fingers

Well a good number of the Portland based Crazy Flipper Fingers is off to Seattle this weekend. The mission is to take over Shorty’s 10th annual pinball tournament. The winner takes home a pinball machine.

Since Portland is a hub of pinball activity and CFF is the largest most notorious pinball gang in the World. It’s time for us to do battle and take home our trophy.

It’s good to be part of a social network that doesn’t involve the internets.

I’ll be fighting with the gang this weekend and hopefully away from the computer. If you need to get in contact with me feel free to give a call, just not when I’m bashing the table around.

In other news… Next week MoHDI is planning on giving away some tremendously awesome awards. I’ll be talking about how you can build your very own think tank, I’ll have more Dot Com Ments for you and perhaps a few more amazing surprises for you.

Oh yeah.. If you are in Seattle and want to hang out… I’ll pretty much be camping out at Shorty’s this weekend.


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