Pirate’s Tavern!

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pirates tavern

So we are fortunate enough to have this new tavern in Portland. Pirate’s Tavern is an all vegan pirate themed bar. I love pirates and have heard really good things about this bar.

I’m no historian but, I did see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and played the pinball machine. After that research, I can assume that the majority of pirates are not really vegan at all. The skull is pretty cool looking but, doesn’t that only reiterate some vegan stereotypes? Also if you look at most food packaging and restaurant spokes people you are generally not going to find a skeleton as a spokes person. I suppose there is some sort of marketing reason behind this. I can’t imagine people wanting to buy pretzels or soup with a skeleton on it.

I have yet to try this pirate bar and should be open to new things. I do love pirates, perhaps that will make up for my reservations about blending them with vegans.

Did you ever hear that joke about the vegan pirate?

There is a good reason for that.

When I eat there in the near future I will give a detailed report.

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