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I’ve had this idea for some time now.

Public Information

Basically it would be 2 phones connected not too far from each other in a public spot. One phone would be for the public to get information, the other phone for the public to provide information. I thought this is such a wonderful and helpful idea. Imagine, you want to find a good sushi place downtown, simply pick up the phone wait for someone to answer and hopefully you will get someone who knows what they are talking about to recommend a good sushi place. The idea certainly falls into the hundred dollar idea realm but, I was having a problem figuring out how to actually make this work.

Yesterday, I figured it out….

After going to the park, we went to get some coffee in front of K&F coffee shop on 26th and Clinton. Lillian was playing with the phone so, I dropped 50 cents in and called my mobile phone. I was surprised that the number for the phone showed up. After a very interesting conversation we hung up the phone.
The pay phone clearly has the words “NO INCOMING CALLS” written on it. Despite this all caps warning, I gave the phone a call. To my surprise the phone rang, I picked up, it had worked, hurray! I had found my public information line.

The number for the phone is

Here’s a Google Map.

Now I can start giving out this number to people who want public information from the actual public. I don’t have to go to great lengths to install phone lines or anything.

So if you need some free public information you should call this number while it lasts.
I’m going to try to assemble some more public information numbers for people so, they will have options of places to go. If you want to help me with this quest please respond to this post. At some time, I’ll put these lines into some sort of online app that will allow people from all over the world to add public information lines all around.

When I assemble more numbers around town, my next step will be printing up some public information cards with the phone numbers on them. Most people have mobile phones so, this could really be helpful to people. I can also put a little advertisement for MoHDI on the card so people can learn more about the Public Information project and buy some awesome stuff from my shop.

I never wrote about the “Feeling City” project but, it is basically a series of hundred dollar ideas to improve the city. The Public Information line is one of the ideas. Also on the list of “Feeling City” projects are…
…the Portland tour guides, where I get my jobless friends to show tourists around.
…the relaxations spots, these would be labeled spots for relaxation in the city.
…the 24 hour day, where the city stays open for 24 hours.
…the secret map project
and a bunch of other ideas. I’m still working on them.

I’m excited about the launch of the Public Information line. Together we can really do some good for the World.

I’m not responsible for what happens when you call, remember, some of the public might not be very friendly or helpful at all. Some people might even be rude. Please be as polite to the people on the other end as you can.

Public Information Notes
If you would like to see some more of my notes on this project check out this page from my sketchbook.

Once again the number is

I’ll try to get more numbers to add to this project.

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