Rejection Business Cards

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Business cards, despite being somewhat archaic remain to be the preferred method for introductions at real life social gatherings involving business. A business card is a great way to quickly make a powerful impression on someone after just meeting. Sometimes however, it’s to your disadvantage to be in a situation where handing your business card will be beneficial to you. In this day and age of social marketing and networking, people often forget how it’s not always a great idea to market yourself or services to others.

There are many reasons why you might not want to market yourself…

  • If result of your marketing only creates more work for yourself
  • When it’s obvious someone is out shadow your work only to “borrow” from it later on
  • If you are in a situation where you are out to gather intelligence and you need to remain anonymous.
  • or if the person you are talking to is a total douchebag

Instead of awkwardly denying some jerk your business card in a networking or social setting, you simply have to hand them a rejection business card.
It works much like the rejection phone line, a phone number that girls often give out to men when they don’t want to be bothered.
While spending a small fortune printing my business cards at FedEx Office I realized they offered these rejection business cards for free to customers. Since I’ve been waiting to acquire another printer, I’ve been forced to use the services at FedEx Office so my business cards cost me $.18/card to print, not to mention the time put into them later binding, cutting and rounding corners on them… my point, I don’t want to just give my cards out to any jerk, I want to give them to people who I like and or might be able to work or hang out with later. The jerk offs will get the rejection card.

At FedEx Office, the rejection cards come in two kinds, the simple but classy H*S*N card and the athletic and slick yoga ocean card.

I’m guessing FedEx Office prints these rejection cards for free to promote their printing services. You will notice on the back of these cards is a Printed By FedEx Office advertisement on each one.
So they are probably stoked to find out that with very little distribution cost their ads are reaching their target audience.

In the near future MoHDI will be producing some sets of rejection cards that we hope might even work better than the ones you can simply grab from the FedEx Office stores.

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