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It’s been a rather busy time for MoHDI and all of the ongoing projects. Some projects as exciting as they are need proper timing before posting them to the site. One of those ideas is the MoHDI Rewards program.
The MoHDI rewards program is based on the Fred Meyer Rewards program that basically gives you a rebate at the end of the quarter. It’s a program set up for people who spend a lot of money at the store. Basically my plan is to print out my bar code on stickers and give this out with a detailed explanation of my idea. Basically I’m hoping with lots of people shopping at Freddy’s using my number, I should expect to get a decent reward at the end of the quarter. The cool thing is that anytime someone uses the card it will show them how many points have been acquired on the receipt. I’m still working out some of the details but I intend to be giving out stickers for this idea soon.

Later today KATU is hosting a blogger party. The Mercury Blog wrote about it. I plan on going, I don’t like to miss free food and drink. Yum.

My friend just launched Portland Hamburgers a blog about hamburgers, I’m pretty excited about that. I’m going to have to take him up to Higgins one of these days. It’s probably my favorite burger in town although I don’t get to eat them much. It’s really too bad the Hungry Tiger got demolished, I liked those burgers a lot, I have yet to check out the Hungrier Tiger… or is it called Live free or Die Hungry Tiger. I guess I should make a trip to the bar one of these days.

My last Thursday plans are to dress like a billionaire and ask for spare cash. I’m estimating I’ll do pretty well.

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