Rewards Party Coming soon!

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Oh Fred Meyer you are great!

Last quarter we collectively acquired 2427 Points! In the mail the other day I got the coupons. 2427 points works out to $24.50 to spend at Fred Meyer plus some extra goodies too.
Here is the list of coupons I got from Fred Meyer.

  • $10 off your purchase
  • $8 off your purchase
  • $6.50 off your purchase
  • $3 off fruits or vegtables
  • Free block of cheese
  • $3 off a toy

So a lot of stuff for the party!

Since I’m not totally sure where I’m going to be living in the next week, I’m not really sure where the MoHDI rewards party will be. As soon as I figure that stuff out, I’ll let you know.

For those who have the rewards card, a gigantic thanks goes out to you. If you have suggestions for the party please let me know.

For those who have yet to get a rewards sticker from me, let me know and I’ll get you one, you can always use 444444444 as an alt ID.

Read more about this stuff from my previous posts.

Thanks again,


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