Sand Dollar

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Call your band Sand Dollar

One of the posters in the window of Beulahland in Portland.
I would love to know who posted this. It’s obviously a photocopy so I wonder if there are some more around town and where they might be.

The note reads….

Call Your Band
Sand Dollar

it would be a good name for your band.
If you are starting a band and you need a name for it, call it Sand Dollar or the Sand Dollars. And when you have a show I will be there. I’m curious what kind of music a band called Sand Dollar would play.

You know, I was thinking about starting a band, although I was going to only sing about the internet. I suppose “Sand Dollar” might work.. Sand > Silicone > Chip > Computers > Internet and Dollar > Money > Internet. I would imagine a band called Sand Dollar could just sing songs about the internet. Then perhaps I could go on an internet tour like these guys.

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