Securi-Pee Wins…

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Thanks to everyone who voted for us.

Unfortunatally we were disqualified at the last minute for not fitting with the theme of the contest so we will recieve no prize.

To our Readers, GoToAndPlay Flash List, design list, the FlashLite list, the Chattyfig lists I’m on, the small business groups, Suicide Girls groups, the SG chat room, NewsToday NTT, the various agencies in town who have been cheering for me, CFF and other ballers, myspace friends, people with CoNads, family, friends, and the various individuals who helps us win this contest thank you!
(I’ll put links in later but I should get some sleep)

click here to read more about the disqualification.

Here was the voting page for the contest.

the end results

and our contest post

They can change the rules at any time… and they did. Oh well MoHDI is out an iPod. Gawker Media just lost MoHDI as a possible advertiser. I’m certainly disappointed.

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