Seven Years of Celebration!

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I love Portland, there are some spectacular things that really make this place magical. Tonight I stumbled across this awesomeness at the downtown Stumptown Coffee.

7 years of Celebration
Stumptown not only serves a fine selection of beers but, as I learned tonight you can get a Sierra Nevada Celebration ale from 2004-2010. Now this seven year sampler comes at a small cost…

The latest beer from 2010 costs $4 then each previous year goes up by $1.
2010 = $4
2009 = $5
2008 = $6
2007 = $7
2006 = $8
2005 = $9
2004 = $10

I bet you would like to know what the seven year sampler might cost….
well it will run you $49 + tip. (find the medium and divide by the number of beers)

Before you head out to do some beer sampling, you might want to stock up on some 33Beers books a small book that helps you geek out on beer by allowing you to quickly record your tasting experience. Our friend Dave( who happens to have an awesome and practical tattoo on his arm) makes the book along with 33Wines, 33Cheeses, 33Coffees and 33Beers shirts..

33 beers

I do love Portland!

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