Stirrio Miorrio from the sketch book

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Page five out of one of my idea books contains the plans for a 3D stereo viewer that I refer to as “Stirrio-Miorrio” pronounced so both words would rhyme with Cheerio. Much like a view master but, the idea is that you could insert a series of images into the device and they would each be at different depths while looking through this thing. In theory the images could perform much like a pop-up book allowing for users to move images around and create fun little adventures in this device.
Each layer in the device could be swapped out. So say you have an underwater scene you could replace the octopus with some sort of dolphin or replace the background with a space scene.
I like the concept of this and think it would be fun to build one of these days.
Also on this page are some ideas I had about walls that would be built to block mobile phones and devices as well to increase signals to phones. There are also some thoughts about a tax calculator. Some thoughts about the “Acorn Project” a code name for a secret project I’ve been working on for years and some other random things too. Click the image to see a larger view.

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