Subscription Art

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Subscription Art

I’ve had this idea for some time now. I was hesitant to put this one up on MoHDI because I think it falls out of the hundred dollar realm.

Now that I hope to open an art gallery soon, I hope to move forward with this idea.
Here is how I see subscription art working. Much like people subscribe to magazines, people could easily subscribe to art. By playing facilitator we can help artists get money to do art and help people with money get art. So a subscriber would subscribe for like $200/year, with that they will get a frame and a limited edition print or original work in the mail. Every quarter the subscriber would get a new work that would fit the frame they initially got.
The artist would get something like let’s say $30 each quarter for each work they produce to send to subscribers. We would use a variety of artists each quarter. So say we have 200 subscribers one quarter and two artists they would each get $3k to supply 100 prints. As the facilitator and shipper, we would have $2k each quarter and we would probably have to handle the shipping and management too.
I think there might be a few places doing this although I’m not sure at what level. It would be pretty cool to implement. With Art Buy the Inch I would imagine we will offer some sort of subscription art deal.

Other than the management of all the subscribers and artists, I think that this could be a very great idea if done correct. Perhaps the pricing model should change some but, I think it would be a very nice idea to take on. I think it will be much easier once in the gallery space.

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