Symmetry is Beauty

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Symmetry is Beauty

This is the latest CoNad from MoHDI. It’s a small Flash application that allows you to be beautiful. You can place your own imgage urls into this CoNad and start beautifying yourself. You can also get the code that allows you to place your symmetrical mug on your internet pages.
There are still some bugs but, we are working them out. Future versions we might allow you to upload images too. Click around with it and have fun. There are a number of little features for these that most people find ammusing.
Despite the bugs you can start playing and posting your beauty now.

Here are two different versions to play with.
Symmetry is Beauty bigger

Symmetry is Beauty smaller

Or just play with the version below.

[kml_flashembed movie=”” WIDTH=”400″ HEIGHT=”500″/]

Have fun.

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