The Butter Pusher

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the Butter Pusher
This device is operates much like a tube of lipstick, a glue stick or chapstick. Simply insert a stick of butter into the butter chamber. Turn the butter adjustment knob to engage a simple gearing mechanism that will extrude the desired amount of butter needed. Then spread your butter easily on your favorite food items. Between eating buttery dishes, place the cap on the tube for maximum butter freshness.

Portable Butter Pushers could be sold for the traveling butter enthusiast. Swappable rings could force butter out in a variety of tasty shapes, operating much like a PlayDoh factory.

Already the Butter Pusher is estimated to generate way more than a hundred dollars every year. In order to keep within MoHDI guidelines we will have to come up with a retardant slogan for this product…

“The Butter Pusher, it pushes butter”.

We will have to work on the slogan.

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