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Sunday we had a small but amazing group of people come out for the Art Buy the Inch fun raiser.
I think there where about 8 of us in the core group plus a few friends stopping by to say hi throughout the day.
As you know probably know or imagine cold selling on the street is not and easy task. I must say I wasn’t as great of a seller as the others in the posse. I did make some sales though but not nearly as many as some of the others.
It was a perfect day to be hanging out in Portland and I realized how spectacular downtown can be when there are things going on. The drag queens had brought a couple bubble machines with them, Lillian really liked that. She had more fun playing at the opening of the museum of craft opening.
A gigantic thanks goes out to everyone who purchased prints and who helped sell prints. So, you ready for the numbers????
Well we raised about $700 for the gallery on Sunday! I’m not sure how else you can do that in a day just hanging out downtown.
Despite not reaching the $10,000 goal yet, we certainly came close enough to be more than happy.

I think next fund raiser we should set a $3,000,000 goal. By my calculations, if we do one more fun raiser we could possibly pull in about $210,000 + the $700 from Sundays event thats aproxamatly $210,700 wow! That is if we maintain 7% of our set goal.

The next goal is to meet and discuss how the $700 should be spent. I’ve got some ideas but it has to be voted on and approved before moving forward. Realistically the $700 will go towards ways to generate more money for the gallery. What ever we decide I will certainly share the decision either on MoHDI or Art Buy the Inch. As much as I would like to start work on the space right away, I’m realistic knowing that the work that needs to be done is quite a bit more than the funds in the account right now. So the continued push is on.

If you would like to help the cause, there are still a good number of prints for sale online.
Just visit the MoHDI shop and click the fun raiser category. Be sure to tell your friends too.

It’s 5:00AM and it’s been too many days with 3-5 hours of sleep a night. I will soon be able to catch up on some much needed sleep and dreams.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us out on Sunday.

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