Win a Laser Cutter!

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Anyone who remembers the Securi-Pee knows, I love contests. This contest is about the coolest yet, you can win a BrightStar Laser Cutter. Awesome! I like to enter contest that I have at least a chance of winning and this is one of them. As I write this there are only 21 entries, the deadline is June 17th and I feel that this gives me enough time get at least a decent entry up.
Here is the contest link. You really don’t have to do much for this contest either. If you do sign up, join the Millions of Hundred Dollar Idea group.

Instructables is one of my favorite places on the web, there seem to be endless streams of hundred dollar, thousand dollar and million dollar ideas floating around on the community based site. I keep meaning to post something and have yet to get it up there. I do hope that this contest will be the catalyst I’ve been waiting for.

A laser cutter, how awesome would that be to have! I get excited just thinking about the idea. I better get to work on that idea machine so I can use it to win this contest!

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