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WK Seeking
Well I told myself I would send something into the Wieden and Kennedy seeking thing. Since I actually have all day tomorrow to get something in, I’m going to post my first attempt up on MoHDI in the hopes to get some feedback as well to share with other people who have waited till the last minute to build this PDF what I’m doing. Perhaps it will help others get some ideas.

My initial plan with this was to incorporate tons of art that would transition to each page of the pdf and maintain a flow of reading that would be almost unnoticed but maintain an overall good feeling about it.

I think tomorrow I’ll make some more changes to the file and probably add some more personal information. I really wanted my piece to stand out, right now, I don’t think this totally stands out just yet. Perhaps a few more hours on the thing might make the world of difference.
Being an idea person is amazing but, to be an idea person that gets paid is even better. I’m not totally sure what I’m looking for with this.

Please feel free to download the PDF here and give me what ever feedback you would like in the comments of this post. It’s a work in progress and I probably know best what needs to be improved upon however I’m curious to hear what you have to say. Please be brutal and be constructive. Compliment sandwiches are nice too.

“Those colors are nice.”
“I’m not sure if black text looks that good.”
“You really tried hard to get this right.”

Example of compliment sandwich

It’s hard to say a lot in such a short presentation. I think I might add some marketing things, perhaps some images of my MoHDI dollar or maybe talk about the Adventure Social Club or Monster Dating, I didn’t even mention that I know Flash pretty well or that I learned Illustrator last Friday. I’m certain the version I send tomorrow will be a bit different that the one I posted today.

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